Work with Fairtrade to bring about large-scale change for farmers, workers and their communities, while strengthening your own business.

We can work with you to help identify which issues your supply chains are most vulnerable to, the best ways to address them and who to work with. 

As trusted partners to producers and workers, businesses and policy-makers, we have experience in making a real, lasting difference on problems such as living income, food security, climate change and gender equality. We will help you understand where resources can best be placed to have a real impact for those you source from, placing you at the forefront of businesses driving value in their supply chains. 

Through our expertise and access you can uncover and tell credible stories about the impact that you have been instrumental in delivering, building brand trust and helping you secure your licence to operate.

Our offer and conditions

  • Systemic, long-term change which improves the sustainability of your supply chain and raises productivity
  • Detailed insight of your supply chains and the wider issues within them, and strong relationships with producers and their communities
  • High-quality reporting so consumers understand your commitment and the positive change you’re bringing about.

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