All you need to know about using the FAIRTRADE Mark as a supporter.

Can I add the Fairtrade MARK to my own campaign materials?

Yes. For non-commerical use only please use our Fairtrade Mark guidelines and use the jpegs below. If you are creating materials for more than 500 people you will need to send it to us for approval at 

Please allow five working days for us to respond initially and three weeks for final approval.

For commercial use of the Mark please go to the Using the Mark as a business pages.

Download small low-res colour FAIRTRADE Mark

Download small low-res black and white FAIRTRADE Mark

Download Choose The World You Want lockup

Our campaign group has Fairtrade status


If you are part of the Fairtrade towns or schools campaign and have gained Fairtrade status you can create your own materials using the Fairtrade ‘ident’ which you can request by emailing our Campaigns team at When using the ident please follow the guidance in the relevant manuals;

Fairtrade Towns Identity Manual
Fairtrade Schools Identity Manual

Where can I get campaigns materials?

Please vist our Resources Library where we have a large range of campaign materials that you can download for free.