What is the National Campaigner Committee?

The National Campaigner Committee (NCC) makes sure the voices of all kinds of Fairtrade campaigners are heard by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Members help drive our campaign development and make sure we understand what campaigners across the UK need to make a difference in their area.

Being a member brings lots of opportunities to meet fellow campaigners, promote Fairtrade in your area and speak up about issues that matter to you and your community.

The NCC is also a formal member of the Fairtrade Foundation, meaning it has a say at our annual AGM and is the first to know about important updates in the world of Fairtrade.

Working with the NCC

You can contact an NCC representative about Fairtrade campaigns or any issue related to Fairtrade locally or nationally.  Please get in touch with any NCC member using the details below if you are interested in getting involved.

Fairtrade Foundation staff support the NCC with administration of the group.

Meet the NCC Members!

Nana Asante

Name: Nana Asante

Contact me on: NanaNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I chair Harrow Fairtrade Campaign; Harrow achieved Fairtrade status under my leadership in 2014. I am a member of the steering groups of Brent Fairtrade Network and Tower Hamlets Fairtrade. Was working with Middlesex University Fairtrade to get Barnet to Fairtrade status before the Pandemic.   

I’d like to hear from: Barnet, Brent, Harrow & Tower Hamlets Community Activists in Trade Justice, Environmental Activism and Campaigning for a fairer world!

Favourite Fairtrade Product: Any Fairtrade chocolate!

Name: Stephen Barry-Stanners

Contact me on: StephenNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I live in the North East and am Vice-Chair of the Newcastle Fairtrade Partnership and a director of a supplier of Fairtrade tea and coffee. I’ve been a fairtrade activist from a young age, with my first experience being running a Fairtrade shop at school, and my most recent experiences revolving around community engagement and awareness of the Fairtrade brand.   

I’d like to hear from: Anyone interested in supporting Fairtrade

Favourite Fairtrade Product: You can’t beat a nice cup of Fairtrade tea!

Name: Sue Errington

Contact me on: SueNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I am the Coordinator of Fairtrade Devon. Over many years I have organised a number of events bringing the Fairtrade message to whole of the South West area, including bringing Fairtrade farmers to the UK.

I’d like to hear from: Anyone who loves Fairtrade, especially people good at using social media! 

Favourite Fairtrade Product: It has to be Fairtrade Kenyan tea, especially from Sireet Tea Co-operative. 

Name: Dr. Smirti Kutaula

Contact me on: SmirtiNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: As an active academic researcher in Fairtrade, I also run a wide variety of events and initatives promoting Fairtrade at the University at which I work – Kingston University – which itself has won Fairtrade accreditation.

I’d like to hear from: I would love to hear from anyone who would like to support Fairtrade.

Favourite Fairtrade Product: Avid fairtrade chocolate lover.

Name: Yasmina Ferrigan

Contact me on: YasminaNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I manage a Palestinian Fair Trade shop in Edinburgh and am involved with Edinburgh Fair Trade Community group. Having travelled to many countries I value and appreciate the diversity in cultures, products and skills. I love bringing producers’ items to market not only to showcase their products, but to also alleviate poverty and allow them to be self sustaining.

I’d like to hear from: To be confirmed shortly

Favourite Fairtrade Product: To be confirmed shortly

Name: Jack Hosgood

Contact me on: JackNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I am fiercely passionate about supporting fairer trade globally. As well as being the proud secretary of the Brighton & Hove Fair Trade Group which organises events and talks around the city in support of the fair trade movement, I am interested in producing research which explores how fair trade can interact with international refugee policy. I have recently conducted a research project in Egypt, in connection with WFTO, which investigates how fair trade cooperatives can support refugees in need of fair employment.

I’d like to hear from: I would like to hear from local fair trade campaigning groups interested in forging connections with other local groups and academics interested in producing research regarding the connection between fair trade and refugees.

Favourite Fairtrade Product: A tight race between wine and chocolate but Coop’s delicious fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc just pips it for me.  

Name: Derek Jackson

Contact me on: DerekNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me:

With over three decades of experience in ethical trading, I have dedicated most of my career to monitoring and improving global supply chains by applying acceptable social standards to enhance the livelihoods of producers and workers. During my tenure at the Co-operative Group, where I began my ethical trading journey in 1992, I played a pivotal role in implementing fair trade commitments, representing the Co-op on the Fairtrade Labelling Organisations (FLO) Policy and Standards Committee.  

Now semi-retired, my ongoing commitment is evident as a committee member on the Southwell Minster Justice Action Group (JAG) and a representative on its Fairtrade sub-group, where I advise on ethical compliance strategies and adherence to the Modern Day Slavery Act. My unwavering advocacy for Fairtrade persists, fueled by a vision to see it transition from a niche market to mainstream sales, even as external challenges threaten its momentum.  

I’d like to hear from:

Given my background and involvement with the Southwell Minster Justice Action Group (JAG) and its Fairtrade sub-group, it would be beneficial to connect with a variety of audiences to further the Fairtrade campaign, these are: Local Consumers and Communities, Faith Campaigners, Educational Institutions, Local Businesses and Retailers, Media Outlets, Environmental Groups. 

Favourite Fairtrade Product: I do not have a favourite Fairtrade product other than to say, tea, coffee, chocolate and bananas are given priority on my shopping list.

Name: Karena Jarvie

Contact me on: KarenaNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I started supporting Fair Trade by running a Traidcraft stall for many years. I then became involved in reapplying for our local Fairtrade County status and this led on to organising a group and achieving Fairtrade Zone status for our local authority. I am now on the board of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum and True Origin and am passionate about spreading the word about the benefits to farmers’ dealing with Climate Change, to have their crops sold as Fairtrade. 

I’d like to hear from: Anyone who would like to know more about engaging with the council, teachers who would like to work towards the school awards, people concerned about the Climate Crisis and anyone in Scotland who would like to get more involved in supporting Fair Trade in their local community.  

Favourite Fairtrade Product: True Origin Medium Curry Sauce from Eswatini 

Name: Kathryn McDonald

Contact me on: KathrynNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me:

As Head of Geography and Fairtrade Lead Teacher at my former school I worked to embed Fairtrade in the curriculum and promote it through Fairtrade Fortnight events, and beyond. Having visited Fairtrade farms in Nicaragua my goal is to extend this experience with future travels. Campaigning has been school based with particular success in raising awareness, particularly linked to the Climate Crisis and its impact on farmers and producers. 

I’d like to hear from: Anyone who wants to share ideas for campaigning within an education setting and promote Fairtrade cotton hoodies. 

Favourite Fairtrade Product: Koolskools Fairtrade Leavers’ hoodies.

Name: Kadun Rees

Contact me on: KadunNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: Kadun is a climate and social justice activist, from Swansea, Wales. He has a postgraduate degree in Conflict, Security & Development and has worked in the global solidarity sector for a number of years. Kadun is the Fair Trade Towns Coordinator for Wales and works for Fair Trade Wales in communications and community outreach. 

I’d like to hear from: Young Fairtrade activists across the UK, social media influencers or anyone interested in promoting Fairtrade digitally. I am also particularly interested in hearing from activists in Wales/Cymru – and do feel free to contact me through Welsh/Cymraeg.

Favourite Fairtrade Product: Jenipher’s Coffi

Name: Charles Sim

Contact me on: CharlesNCC@fairtrade.org.uk

About me: I am the Chair of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, and founder member of the East Ayrshire Fairtrade Group. I’m also a member of the Scotmid Co-operative West Area Committee and have been active in the co-operative and credit union movements for over 30 years. I served for many years as a firefighter in Glasgow and Ayrshire. 

I’d like to hear from: Anyone!

Favourite Fairtrade Product: It was a hard choice, but I think the Co-op Argentinian Malbec has to be my winner. Yes, all Fairtrade wine is good, however what Fairtrade Premium has done for the area is fantastic so that is my winner. 

More information

Please read the NCC Terms of Reference for more information on how the group operates. Members serve three year terms with the most recent appointments being in 2023.

However if you are interested in getting involved, opportunities to join may arise before then and current NCC members retain the option to co-opt members with relevant skills, experiences and expertise on to the National Campaigner Committee. Please email hello@fairtrade.org.uk to express your interest.