Have a look at how Fairtrade Schools, Colleges and Universities, Places of Worship, Communities and individual supporters are making a difference.

The Fairtrade Action Areas

Each Action Area represents a different way to start building a fairer future. Learn more about the Action Areas and read about a few examples of campaigners leading the way in each area.

Campaigners taking action

Action Area 1: Boosting Fairtrade

How to encourage more people in your area to choose Fairtrade products

Action Area 2: Connecting Fairtrade

How to connect Fairtrade with other groups, activists and businesses in your area

Action Area 3: Fairtrade Changemakers

How to grow political support for Fairtrade in your local area.

Action Area 4: Fairtrade Ambassadors

How to deepen your own and others understanding of why fairer trade is needed to take on the climate crisis, address the legacy of colonialism and build a fairer future.

Action Area 5: Fairtrade Influencers

How to grow support for fairer trade in the digital space use social media to reach even more people.

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Fairtrade Grassroots Group
10 June, 2020

There are thousands of Fairtrade groups throughout the UK, including community groups, school groups, universities and places of worship.

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